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Ibni Sina Herbal Research & Medical Center


Welcome To Ibni Sina HRMC  

     Herbalists today believe and seek to help people build their good health with natural resources. When herbs are taken, the body starts to be cleansed, purifying itself. This slowly gives the body nutrients to function as God intended. Herbs can increase the body’s defenses, helping the body to heal itself without any side effects. 

Our Mission

 To undertake base line surveys on herbs with the aim of identifying those consisting of curative elements for drugs development.

· To conduct in-depth research on herbs whose ingredients have for centuries been used for the formulation of drugs; and by improving the drugs ensuring their efficiency and effective application for extensive use.

· To persistently and relentlessly improve the quality and effectiveness of herbal drugs so that the public in general could build the confidence required for their extensive use.

· To make broad based research on herbs in collaboration with botanical and herbal science institutions or environmental organizations in view of the remedial effectiveness of herbal drugs.

· To be engaged in research and particularly in infectious and communicable diseases including epidemics which rapidly and frequently endanger the lives of many, with the objective of formulating remedial herbal drugs that could present their reoccurrence, spread and danger.


· To make sure that finished herbal drugs or their component ingredients are properly packed, carefully stocked and meticulously dispensed against their production and expiration date. To make certain that drugs whose expiry date is due are buried or incinerated; so as to avoid drug abuse and maintain acceptable manners in the administration and dispensation of drugs.

· To make all endeavors that herbal drugs are accessible  to the overwhelming majority of the people at much affordable prices and bridge the gaps of exorbitant prices that are evident in modern drug stores. To help the people chose between varieties of drugs.

· To expand the knowledge and the skill of formulating herbal drugs and by training interested individuals, groups and associations, so that shortage or lack of skilled experts in the dispensation of drugs could not occur.

· To equip traditional medical authorities, the knowledge and the skill of formulating herbal drugs in scientific drug laboratories. So that traditional medicine could progressively achieve accepted and expected standards.

· To cooperate with individuals, organizations.., etc...engaged in herbal plantations and reforestation activities with the aim of recording herbs endowed with curative specimen by type of species and habitat, so that information collected is transferred to future generations.

· To inform and educate the general public on child-killer diseases, malnutrition and breast feeding. To create and promote public awareness on sexually transmitted  diseases and specially HIV/AIDS. To educate , particularly the youth on human growth and development , sexual relations, family planning, hazards of abortion, responsible parenting...etc…, so that the young generation could take pre-cautionary measures before they endanger their economic, social and psychological well beings.   

Company Profile

   Ibn Sina Herbal Research & Medical Centre is a centre that specializes in the treatment of various diseases and the research of herbal drugs for the treatment of these diseases. Ibni Sina Herbal Research & Medical Center is the only certified herbal research center in Ethiopia.


Contact Information

For more information please contact us on the following address 

Postal address :
P.O.Box: 20171
Code: 1000
Addis Ababa
Electronic mail
General Information: ibnisina_hrmc@hotmail.com

Webmaster: ahmed_aljehmi@hotmail.com


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